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Tips to Selecting the Best Cleaning Company for Your Home or Business

First, do your research. Ask around. You may be surprised how many of your friends and family have had an experience with a cleaning company and will have valuable advice for you on how to choose a cleaning service; maybe even a direct referral! Neighborhood apps or local social media groups and pages can also be a great place to find out what people like and don’t like about a variety of different companies. 

Once you have an idea of what company you might like to hire, reach out to the company and set up an estimate. Usually, companies will offer free estimates. Eco Cleaning Ohio offers free in-home estimates. House cleaning services are never one size fits all. With an in-home estimate, we are able to maximize our accuracy and work together with our customers to determine their specific needs and what is most important to them. 

Before you meet with your potential cleaning company, walk around your home and take notes. Note the areas that are most important to you and those that are of a lower priority. Write down any questions that are important to you. Below is a free printable checklist of sample questions to ask when hiring a cleaning company.  If you have any allergies or scent aversions, be sure to mention these at your meeting. If your flooring requires certain products, or if you have product preferences, be sure to mention these to your estimator as well. 

Know what to expect. The first time you utilize a professional cleaning service, most companies will need to spend significantly more time than they will in your subsequent maintenance cleanings. As your team gets things cleaned to standard, they will also learn your unique home and what routine allows them to be most efficient. 

Inviting a stranger into your home or business can be intimidating. At Eco-Cleaning Ohio, all of our employees have undergone background checks, and our company is bonded and insured. You can rest assured that we have seen the full spectrum of homes and are not there to judge. The most important thing is to clearly communicate the things you may struggle with in your home, and what you expect from your cleaning team. A good cleaning company will ask you a lot of questions to ensure you are as satisfied as possible. 

Questions to ask your cleaning company
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